Weaving An Ethical and Human-Centric Web

The web has changed how people do business, entertain themselves, exchange ideas, and socialize with one another. In 2000, its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, called for the active support and participation of programmers, computer manufacturers, and social organizations to manage and maintain this valuable resource so that it can remain a powerful force for social change and an outlet for individual creativity. In 2024, AI is changing the web (as much as our lives) in several ways. Generative AI models are used to generate content, to answer user questions, and to repurpose web content. While the web was conceived as a platform for people to create and share content, fake news, deep fakes, plagiarized AI-generated content flood the web. Is the Web shifting away from Berners-Lee’s vision? This panel will discuss the future of the web, opportunities, emerging risks and countermeasures towards weaving an ethical and human-centric web.


  • Georgia Koutrika, Archimedes / Athena Research Center


  • Fabio Casati, Servicenow
  • Marco Brambilla, Politecnico di Milano 
  • Flavius Frasincar, Erasmus University 
  • Eirini Ntoutsi, Bundeswehr University Munich